First things first: We are not the plastic surgeons of home improvement...we are not new-home builders or general contractors...we don't have a fleet of trucks or tons of employees.  We have been referred to as "specialized"..."the aestheticians of home improvement".  

Most of our clients have made it 90% of the way there, and then get stuck...they just need a little help, and a fresh eye. They want advice from someone with a creative mind.  They want to know their options, and not be forced into any decisions or purchases.  But when they DO decide to move forward, they want to hire people they can trust.  That's where we come in...

We are passionate and specialized experts. We start with a plan - small or large - (your project vision, budget and timeline), stand by you as you hire contractors to tackle the major stuff, and ensure that you don't go over-budget (so there's room left for those essential finishing touches).

Then, if you decide to move forward with us, we come in and transform your new blank canvas into something absolutely extraordinary - or we can simply update your look without all that demolition and dust created by remodeling. 

Feel free to browse our site, gain inspiration from what others have done, and ignite your own imaginations!  Then give us a call.  Let's talk about it!

We are the aestheticians of home improvement, eager to help you with finishing touches that transform your space from nice, to "WOW"!

Referred by our designer, Kris Henderson, Steve led the carpentry team in the construction of the Smart Dogs Academy in Downer’s Grove, IL. A full video of this project is available on YouTube.  We highly recommend DuFaux Designs. Kris was the only person who understood my vision, and her design plans and painted murals brought my dreams to life.  Steve went above and beyond to help make our project amazing. They worked consistently for 6 months straight to finish this project. We were so happy with the level of dedication and personal attention they gave to our project.   There were so many surprises with our project - all handled with professionalism and care. We would still be having them work on future projects if they weren't moving to FLORIDA!!!!  Please feel free to contact us at kristy@smartdogstrainingandlodging.com or call 630-701-9730 if you’d like additional information.

Kristy & Ian Dilworth
Owner/Operators, Smart Dogs Training and Lodging