Faux Bois

Wood is timeless - natural, aged, distressed, inlaid, gilded... Wood is used in practically every aspect of decor. One of the most common requests we receive at DuFaux Designs is to repair, restore, refurbish, stain or paint wood - or - to create the look of wood.  Not only can we give a speciality finish to molding, trim and doors, or refinish inexpensive accent pieces, we can also  repair, enhance, recolor or restore existing cabinets and treasured or valuable furniture pieces.

Thanks to studying the art masters, like Pierre Finkelstein, who teach others in order to keep these centuries old traditions alive, replicating the look of real wood is possible. (Faux Bois) takes years to master...oak to pine, burlwood to koa, driftwood to tea-stained...there is no wood (so far...) we can't replicate - or at least come close enough to fool the eye.   

(The Art of Painted Woodgraining)
"Kris is very creative, has an amazingly creative eye and can duplicate pretty much anything you want or think of. She has a portfolio that will knock your socks off; from endless samples of faux/stone/marble finishes & colors along with actual photos of "murals" she has painted for her clients.....most duplicated from a small photo or picture given to her to draw and paint to a life-size scale-dimension. Kris is also very talented in other artistic areas such as music, theater and drama. You would be very lucky to hire her for any interior design work, whether faux painting, murals, staging to sell, wall coverings, etc. She can address and handle any project you give her and the end results will be astonishing/phenomenal.   Kris is a very talented, bright and professional artist/designer who I have not only worked with, but have had the wonderful opportunity to see her incredible talent first hand on my own home."

Karen Berlin, Interior Designer,
Ideal Design Elements LLC