Designer Finishes 


You've found your "forever home" and don't plan on moving or selling for at least 7-10 years?  Then a luxurious, upscale, one-of-a-kind selection may be right up your alley!  These finishes tend to cost a bit more, but home values also tend to go up with designer walls. Unlike wallpaper, it won't fade, peel at the seamlines, or be discontinued. Fully washable and repairable as needed.   With 15+years of results like "wow factor", "breathtaking", and "amazing", we can't help but be excited for our clients, and the finishes made exclusively for them.

Designer Finishes


Sleek, elegant, and buttery to the touch, smooth hand-painted finishes are easy to paint over, unlike wallpaper or textured finishes. The greatest benefit to custom artisan walls is the luxury of designing and matching a unique finish to your existing or future decor, with finishes that compliment your home with resale in mind.  Start with one small affordable project - a ceiling or an accent wall, and go from there.  Before you know it, you will have the most impressive home on the block, whether you love it or list it!  

"I hired Kris several years ago to help with my home decor needs. I was pleasantly amazed at her knowledge and knack for creating a stunning look.  I would recommend Kris in a heart beat. She's warm, professional and very pleasant to work with and she really loves her projects and her clients, so she puts in her all in everything she does."

Adebukola Sonuga,
Sr. Project Manager, DeVry Inc.