Faux Stone  Sampleboards

Handcrafted finishes that replicate natural stone - granite, marble, quartz and other stone - are perfect for resurfacing columns, countertops, furniture and nearly any surface imaginable.

These surfaces are sealed to be nonporous and washable! Whenever possible, we prefer to use eco-friendly products.

Faux Stone Sampleboards for your inspiration!
If you require a custom sampleboard for your project, contact us with a photo, sample or description of the stone to be replicated. 

"Sally and I are greatful to know you and Steve, and we consider you guys good friends.  I dont know what to say other than thank you for everything you've done for us so far.  We are extremely happy with the way our house turned out.  I hope you're ready for the referrals...we have a BIG family!"


Jessie & Sally Sanchez