Faux Brick Gallery

There are lots of ways to use brick in decor - an industrial look being the obvious winner.  But consider a drywall niche accented with brick...or a short fireplace suddenly become two-story brick without the concern of the weight, or the cost! What about an arched brick ceiling or a kitchen backplash?

Faux brick is a fun decorating option to consider when a solid color just isn't enough - or when having palettes of brick delivered just isn't practical or affordable. The samples in this gallery are all hand crafted - generally from recycled concrete, plaster, stone and glass - to match previous client, builder, and designer requests.  Remember: Size, shape, substrate and color are all customizable for your unique application.

"I think you guys really need to start getting yourself out there to be more well known...get into some of those national magazines - maybe Luxe Chicago. You're like the area's best kept secret!" 

Randall (& Nicole) Beck

Managing Partner, Gallup