Faux Stone

Past Projects

Harvesting natural stone from the Earth really takes a toll on mother nature - from excavating to train transport to trash when you want the next look.  So, we've found ways to give you the look you want, at savings to both your pocketbook and mother Earth.  Besides, it's just awesome anyway!  Whether you wish to tackle one small project, or update your entire home, we are here to help.  This is what we do for a living, for a hobby, and for the love of it. Here is a small sample of past projects for your inspiration.

"It looks awesome - everything looks great.   Thank you again for your help!   Also, my daughter is so happy!!  We really appreciated all of your ideas!!  We can't imagine what "better" could possibly look like, but we can't wait to get you guys back here to Illinois again to do even more magic!"

Karen Savio,  Homeowner